Support Policy


– Please, be polite, patient and have a good mood 🙂 We reserve the right to refuse support service for people who do not want to talk politely (unfortunately there are such people in 2017!)

– Please, do not abuse our support service by opening a lot of tickets on common questions. We only cover support for our themes (unique functions and features beyond WordPress ones), and cannot provide general support on WordPress or third-party plugins.

– Please, do not ask for support in item comments or by email, we accept only tickets and answer on them in the order they were received

If you need Theme Customization (there is a difference between Support and Customization), please see Customization Service page.

What is SUPPORT? if something does not work as described, we able to fix the issue ASAP, this is included in the item price. Also we provide regular compatibility updates with major / minor theme-compatible plugins.

What is CUSTOMIZATION? if you need to * customize some * outside of available theme options, and you do not know how to, please consider to hire us! We can customize anything what you want, because we know how it works better than any freelancer!

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