Mega Menu


IMPORTANT: These settings are available, only if Unyson Mega Menu extension is active.

What is mega menu

Mega Menu allows you to display your menu in several columns instead of one, and following screeenshot displays what is Mega Menu:

Mega Menu Example

How to create Mega Menu

Navigate to WP Admin > Appearance > Menus screen, choose parent menu element and tick “Use as Mega Menu” option. This menu item should have child elements.

Enable Mega Menu

Then open child item settings, and find new option called “This column should start on a new row”.

Child Menu Element

To move Mega Menu Child element on a new row, tick this option and save your menu. For example, if you want a Mega Menu in 3 columns, each 4th element should have “This column should start on a new row” option ticked.

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