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This article explains how to create One Page Navigation for a website.

1. Create new page

In all such cases, where you might need one-page navigation, you should start from creating a page with the necessary sections. Navigate to WP admin > Pages > Create new page screen.

2. Add few page Sections

Using Visual Composer or Unyson Page Builder, add few sections and assign unique ID’s for them in Section / Row Settings. For example, our sections IDs will be: home, about-us, contact-us. Add some content inside sections, enable One Page Menu in “Header Settings” metabox and save the page.

Enable One Page Menu

3. Create new menu

Using WP admin > Appearance > Menus screen, create new menu and call it “One Page Menu”. Using “Custom links” metabox, add Menu Elements in a following format for each sections: #!/home, #!/about-us, #!/contact-us and save your menu.

4. Assign One Page Menu

Using “Manage Locations” tab, assign newestly created menu to “Header One Page Menu” location

Assign One Page Menu

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