Website Optimization

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Website optimization is quite a broad thing, which includes many nuances. The basics for a site owner / developer are following:

  • You need a good hosting. It is obvious that a cheap service can not provide you with the proper speed, and before you open a ticket like “why my website is so slow”, think twice, do you really want to save additional $5/m or do you want a fast website? A good article to read: Performance of the Best WordPress Hosting Companies Compared
  • Your hosting should support PHP7 and SSD. PHP7 works on 30% faster than PHP 5+, and SSD drives increases server response time, which affects the ranking in a SERP.
  • Optimize all of your images. Online Compressor Tools is a powerful online tool for reducing drastically the size of your images and photos whilst maintaining a high quality with almost no difference before and after compression.

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