What are HTTP requests?

HTTP requests are requests that get sent to the server whenever someone visits your website. These requests can contain a variety of information for the server to process and act upon. The most important part of such a request is the URL. Based on this information, the server will try to return a valid response, such as a file. The first stable implementation of HTTP, HTTP/1.0, does these requests in series. This means that a group of requests needs to be finished before the next group is sent. Obviously, this means that pages with a lot of external files will suffer from longer loading times, making your website slow.

Speeding up initial loading times

To combine CSS styles, JavaScript files into one request, you may use Theme Options. Go to WP admin > Albedo Theme > Theme Settings > Optimization screen, enable combinig CSS and JavaScript styles and save settings.

Assets Optimization

All done! Also, you should know that similar functionality provide third-party plugins like WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize, etc, and it is a great idea to use this option with a Website Caching.

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